Despite xir world being anything but normal, BB tried xir best to keep a normal daily schedule for xemselves. Xir normal wake up routine began with waking up exactly 10 hours after sleeping, and wandering around xir room, waiting to wake up. Xe then checks on the myriad of computers operating around xir room at all times, as if xe was keeping a menagerie of machines that filled the room with a deep blue hum. If BB thought about it hard enough, xe’d probably realize it was an extremely dangerous fire hazard, but xe was far too busy in xir programming and thoughts to be worried about such things.

After the daily checks were through, BB was usually ready to start xir day, and had a cup of hot chocolate while programming something or other for a while - extensions for Iota, software for Pal, a tv interface for Nine - the subject of which did not necessarily matter; as long as xe was helping xir friends, BB was happy. Soon, though, an alarm rang to let xem know that Ernesto was probably awake. Immediately abandoning all previous ambitions, BB always raced straight out the door, down the hall, and to his apartment to greet him, or wake him if he wasn’t already. The two of them kept their schedules mostly the same, BB moreso, but xir other friends in the building were very erratic in their sleep patterns; hence, xe mostly spent time working with Ernesto, visiting the others whenever they happened to be awake.

BB worked with Ernesto for most of the day, for most of xir days, but it was more of an apprenticeship than anything. Xe helped him with his various scientific endeavors, most of which seemed to be more fiction than science, but quickly proved themselves to be quite real. It seemed to be a sort of mad science, and Ernesto fully leaned into that view by, for example, performing experiments on creatures throughout the building and their reactions to “the ooze”. BB enjoyed this work very much, but it could sometimes be quite taxing on xir “limited mind”, as Ernesto called it. BB was happy to arrive, but also happy to leave for a break, to spend time with xir other friends.

BB’s friends were just as strange, if not more so than Ernesto, at least to xem. Some of them, like Nine and Scarlet, were quite quiet, only showing their stranger quirks through inquisition (for example, Nine once described finding “the catacombs” underneath the apartment building. Scarlet frequently recalls being fired from the local restaurant after trying to fry ice.). The more erratic ones, like Pal, Smacks, and Dana, were quite a handful sometimes. Sometimes, they’d acquire issues that involve their rooms being filled with an undesirable thing (like apples - something that did actually happen to Dana), something catching on fire, or occasionally both. This is only a small example of the troubles that befell them, as most of the chaos occurred when they were all together. Pal always insists his terrible ideas are works of genius, Dana is always exploding with energy, and Smacks loved to fuel them both to cause mayhem. And then there was Iota… the sweet little robot that BB loves as if they were a little sibling. Always kind and respectful to everyone, they didn’t have a bad circuit in their body… well, in the metaphorical sense. In a literal sense, they absolutely did - BB frequently found xemself surprised by a new quirk in their programming that caused them to spout out various sound effects and interrupt himself with his own stutters and new thoughts. BB frequently wondered who on earth programmed them, but xe also felt that all of xir friends were perfect, and they didn’t seem to mind their quirks. So xe didn’t feel a need to change that.

And so, after BB is exhausted of xir energy with the combined forces of xir chaotic friends and the perilous work of assisting a mad scientist, BB returns to xir room and collapses into bed, empty of energy but full of heart. BB loved being with xir friends, no matter how loud, or messy, or destructive, or baffling they were. This, much like xir daily routine, would never change.